Frequently Asked questions


What is Per Diem/PRN/Agency Staffing?

"Per Diem” is a Latin term that means “by the day".  "PRN" means "as needed".  In simple terms you get paid when you work and don't when you are off.  Nurses Oklahoma Staffing help facilities that need additional staffing by sending them Nurses or Aides on a PRN basis.  This could be due to increased census, covering sickness/leave or on a more regular basis to cover open vacancies they may have.  For you, this could mean you are working at the same facility for multiple days or at a different facility each day.

Is this the same as PCA or Home Health?

No, with PCA or Home Health you would be working with an individual at their home.  With PRN/Agency work you would be working in a long term care facility, doctors office or hospital.

Where will I be working?

We currently staff across Southern Oklahoma, so you could be working anywhere within approx. 100 miles of your home address.

What shift will I be working?

We cover all shifts, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, days and nights.  We try to work with your shift preferences.  There is no set schedule so the more flexibility you have the better :)

Do I get paid mileage?

Yes!  You get paid roundtrip mileage for any shifts that are more than 35 miles from your home.  This mileage is also paid tax free ;)

When do I get paid?

Pay is weekly by Direct Deposit on a Friday.

I have another job and want to pick up extra shifts?

This can work, for example if you work Mon-Fri and want to work weekends with us then that works great.  However let's say you currently work 3-11 and are looking to pick up a 7-3 shift before or an 11-7 after, then that wouldn't work as you wouldn't be able to get to the shift on time.

Can you work with my school schedule?

Yes!  As long as you keep us up to date with your school commitments then we can schedule your shifts around your confirmed availability.

Do you offer CNA classes?

No, sorry we don't.  In order to work for us you need to already have a your state license and a minimum of 12 months licensed experience in Long Term Care and/or Acute Care.

Don't see an answer to your question?

Just give us a call on 580-226-9776 and we'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have :)