What are people saying about us?


Here's what are clients are saying about Nurses Oklahoma Staffing...

“You rock, and by the way so do your staff, you have great nurses”

"Just so y'all know...thanks for all y'all do...and for thousands of texts...love working with y'all"

"I  just received a call from a patients husband and I wanted to share it with you all. They wanted to compliment our staff. He said they were all good and he wanted to really compliment the nurse because he took the time to set down and explain everything to them. He was really good. They said that they have never had such a good nurse!"

“Thank you so much for everything you do for us.  I can honestly say that without Nurses Oklahoma Staffing we would not still be in business”

"(AM), was very good help.  Self starter with minimal direction.  Stays engaged all shift long.  Great help and always welcome back here.  Also, very positive personality"

“Just want to let you know how much I appreciate y’all”

“Debbie, Thank you, thank you.  I truly appreciate the help you’ve given me.”

“(JB), was awesome as usual”

“(CF), is a wonderful nurse. send her anytime :)”

"Thank you for all that you do.  I appreciate you guys sooooo much..."

“(AN) is beyond fantastic.  Works so hard and gives great patient care”

“you are amazing”

"thank you for a very good day!  Great work ethic - very happy to have you back"

Here are some comments from our staff...

 “I really appreciate everything this company has done for me!  I really love my job and what I do and that’s hard to come by ”

"I want to thank y'all for giving me the opportunity to work for y'all!  Y'all are a blessing to me and my girls for letting me work!  I've prayed for a good job and my prayers have been answered!"

“…by the way I’m really enjoying my work and I thank y’all for everything!!!”

“I just wanna let you guys know how thankful I am for this job 🙂  I  got to buy a new car Saturday, and I’ve never been able to do that!   Thank you guys so much :)”

“Deb & Steve. I wanted to tell you thank you for taking a chance  on hiring me.  I can not tell you how much your business has impacted my  family over the last few years.  It has given us many extras that I  would not have been able to afford, and many times literally put food on  the table of this single mom of four.  Thank you for being flexible  with our schedules and all of the many personalities you deal with.  I  really appreciate the Christmas gifts each year, something I never get  with my teaching job.  I know I have not told you thank you enough for  what you do and the great people you guys are.”

“Thanks for being so amazing, you guys are awesome”

"Thanks for the gift, you are the most appreciate employers I have worked for as a nurse!🙂"

"I just want y'all to know how much I appreciate y'all working with me on my schedule and all of my needs and whatever request I have.  It has been really tight on bills the past month or so because of wrecking my car and having to get a new one and all of the stuff that goes along with it and I just wanted to tell y'all thank u so much for helping me out and allowing me to work at Nurses Oklahoma Staffing."

“I have to tell, I can’t say enough nice things about this company!  I fell that this is where I’m supposed to be.  Thank you.”

“Thank you so much.  Y’all are the best”

"Thank you, I really enjoy working for your company!!  Thank you for hiring me :)"

“Thanks for all the shifts.  Have a great week, you guys are awesome to work for.  No drama mamas!”

"So i want to take a minute to appreciate my employers. I dont know very many employers that will work with your life schedule. Ive had to cancel shifts because I had family emergencies, either me or the kids were sick or my sitter cancelled on me last minute. Ive had to revise my schedule multiple times to better fit my children's school schedule and not once did my employers not understand.
Yes like all jobs there are somethings you dont like or those bad days where you just have to vent to someone about. But all in all i cant complain i have a really good job with some really amazing employers and coworkers.
Besides not too many employers care enough about their employees to give each of them a christmas gift. ❤
Thank you so much Debbie Fletcher and Steve Wylie for everything you have done for me. Merry christmas to you both . 🤶🎅❄🌲⛄❤"